High Volume Merchant Accounts

High volume merchant accounts are designed for merchants whose domestic or local merchant accounts have limited monthly processing capacity. Most offshore processors or banks provide unlimited volume with their merchant accounts. This implies that as a merchant you have the flexibility that you need to reap maximum benefits from your marketing campaigns without worrying about how or where you will process huge volumes in case your campaigns turn out to be successful and then you exceed the monthly capacity of your merchant account.

Although getting a high volume merchant account is a good thing since it implies that your business is growing, finding this account is not easy. This is because high volume accounts are often considered as high risk. Perhaps, this is because a company that makes huge profit has equally bigger risk and therefore most banks are afraid of accepting or processing payments on behalf of such companies.

Unlike the traditional accounts, using these accounts allows you to process unlimited transactions. Some businesses will not achieve their goals if they do not use these accounts. Others will have limited growth because they will not be able to offer goods and services to all customers. If you run such a business, then you should get our high volume merchant account. Our account will enable you to expand your business by reaching more customers and accepting their payments.

Benefits of our high volume merchant accounts

There are many benefits that you will enjoy by having a high volume merchant account with us. They include the following:

  • Ability to expand and grow your business
  • High conversion rates and sales
  • Higher profits
  • Huge business success

Instead of letting your domestic account to restrict your business, get a high volume merchant account with us today. Most banks consider your high volume business as a high risk entity because it is susceptible to fraud and chargebacks. This implies that your business needs a system that is capable of handling everything including fraud minimization strategies to provision of uninterrupted services. Our high volume merchant account is the best option for your business.

We have been offering credit card processing solutions to high volume businesses for many years. Our desire is to help you grow your business by exploiting your potential without limitations. With our account, be confident that your business will be able to process unlimited credit card transactions using different currencies. Contact us today for more information on our high volume merchant accounts.

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