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Terminated merchant account are also called terminated merchant file, MATCH file or MATCH database. When an acquiring bank ends the payment processing contract with a merchant on a negative note rather than due to changes in policies, chances are that the merchant account will immediately be terminated.

TMF merchant account is usually the worst thing that happens to most businesses. This is because a merchant account that has been terminated has simply been blacklisted. This is precisely the reason why some people call a terminated merchant account a blacklisted merchant account. Getting out of the MATCH file list is almost impossible after the termination of your merchant account and you cannot get a merchant account with another bank.

We believe that you have a chance after your account is put in the terminated merchant file list

Although some merchants are put in the MATCH file deservingly, some are put there erroneously. There are no clear rules on who and when to be put in the blacklist. In fact, there are cases when some merchants are put in the MATCH database just because they did not have a good conversation with the person who served them at the bank. For this reason, we handle your case separately. Once you come to us or have a merchant account with us, we treat your business as separate entity.

We have been offering merchant account payment processing services for many years. We work with a large network of acquiring banks in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. These banks can help you with your terminated merchant account. We have helped many TMF businesses successfully which has earned us an excellent reputation all over the world.

Once you contact us we can help you in cases that involve the following:

  • Compromised account data
  • Excessive chargebacks
  • Standards violation
  • Excessive fraud

If you are involved in any of these cases and you have your merchant account terminated or blacklisted, talk to us and we might be able to help you. It is important to note that our ability to help you depends on the reason why your account was blacklisted or terminated. Nevertheless, we do everything possible to help you with your TMF merchant account.

In case you feel like your account was terminated erroneously share information on what really happened with us and we will assist you. We will help you in every step of having your merchant account replaced.With an e-book you don`t have to worry about your title getting shelf space in a store nor do you have to worry about bookstore returns

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TMF or Terminated Merchant File? MF or terminated merchant file refers to a list of merchants whose accounts have been terminated for a reason. TMF does not exist but the term is still used commonly in reference to MATCH file.Read More

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